To you, so loyal and lovely,

Greetings my perfect enlightened darlings, it is I, your most careful and unconditionally loving leader. I trust this summer is encouraging you to be a beacon of light to those who are not. You are shining, almost blinding, your love radiance with every smile and every step. I have seen this, and am pleased. What joy you have brought to your leader, what fulfillment you have brought in your emptiness. The longing is over, the knowing is here, and you are the first to witness the beauty unfolding, like a spring flower budding and opening to the warm rays of the summer sun. Truly, this is a time for celebration. Be amazed at our awe-inspiring cohesive collective cooperative community service operation outreach program project. You have be a model of reverence and patience. The prophecy that I, your leader has disposed to you is coming to fruition and in that I can say, that each of you, my darlings, my sweet loving lambs, is sincerely aspiring and achieving. And by that, your leader is humbled. However, lest ye forget the divinity and focus of our work. IT IS to spread the Gospel. IT IS to share our message of hope and our knowledge of a better way. YOU ARE the way to encourage lost lambs to find their way home. YOU ARE the utmost important piece of our puzzle. THIS IS THE WAY. THIS IS THE LIGHT. WE ARE THE WAY. YOU ARE THE LIGHT. You are the future of this dynamic culture we are creating. So, shine, with example, with discipline, and with humility. Teach those who are not lucky enough to be as enlightened as you are the ways of loveliness that we inspire you with, my lambs. Tell them you know of a better world, a world of fondness and love. Reach out and guide them to the kind and gentle hand of your beautiful leader. Your response should encourage them to seek the loving and loveliness that only comes from being taught by us. Refer them here, guide them through, LEAD them to us.

How truly blessed, that you were chosen to receive this message. All the love and warmth I have, I give, for you my darling children. 
The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.

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