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whatever you will shall be, mother told that to me, so what will you be, if will is free, come and see our family.



noun \ˈkän-ˌdü-ət\ 
:a specific person which allows a connection or communication with a spiritual realm, metaphysical energy, or spiritual entity, or vice versa.

[I am a conduit for spiritual energies]
My Lambs,
How I've missed you! And you miss me, do you? I've observe you from the hight of the great room in our compound. I feel you unresponsive, non-reflective and numb. I see you my darling child, and your leader aches for your love and devotion. I long for your radiance, your bright light. Though a separation is necessary and appropriate, your smiling loyal eyes are missed among your sisters and all of our enlightened families. A clouded mind such as yours has no place among the truly faithful in our cooperative community church. This is the poison that feeds a regretful soul, and sours my sweetly planted seeds. It is not by your hand to punish or be punished, for thou has no need for self deprecating behavior. If proper behavioral curbing need be, then let that be trusted in the infinite wisdom of your beautiful leader. Deep meditation, your leader weighs all.
It is here I find the answers:
I would like to speak today on the importance of mantra. A fully realized person is aware of the importance of vocal implications. You say there is no cure all, I say the focus on positive energies becomes the means by which will is transferred. It is a reflectiveness that is necessary to bring focus on those things that are of utmost importance. A mantra fills as it cleans. The joy and blissful realizations come completely and you a accept them openly from your authentic self, the one whom is you watching you. The full and unadulterated riotousness that is in each and every member of our family. For we are every vibration equally, and in that canceling out bad energy for yourself and touching every member infinitely. When rating positivity you reflect and it is so forth reflected back on to you, and hence forth for all eternity, if you continue to aspire. Please seek this and bring forth others to bask in the warm glow of your Leader's everlasting love. Refer them here, guide them through, lead them to us. For it is thou whom bring forth lambs for slaughter who is divinely the most devout. How truly blessed, that you were chosen to see receive this message. All the love and warmth I have, I give, for you my darling children.

The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.


I followed a spring 
haven't seen an autumn or winter in years.

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