My dear children,
Love is raitiating through out compound today, for celebration is close at hand. Preparation is key, for the faithful, and truly in our against we find inspiration. It is within the bubble we have room to grow. Only with restriction, do we find creativity. In a small space I feel comfort, In a tight corner I hug the walls. Tell me whom among you, does not agree with the blissful realizations of your beautiful leader. I write to you today to insure your presence at our celebration and further more make my most precious little lambs aware that in the rapid repetition of life there is a solace to be found among the chaos. We, who are among of the intellectually elite, not only aspire in the unknowningness of the future,  but by that, we form our own. WE effect everything. WE are everything. AND everything IS everything. Our special collective compound, buzzing with excitement, is made of the same atoms as our kinetic universe and other universes, and the universe of you. You are part of the cosmos, we are equal to everything else. All of I and we are made of matter. All them and all of it are made of the same matter. Positivity and affirmation are the key. And there, we find that, we can control our future. YOU ARE THE SUPREME RULER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, WHATEVER YOU WILL, SHALL BE.

How truly blessed, that you were chosen to receive this message. All the love and warmth I have, I give, for you my darling children. 

The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.

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