In my absence, I hope you are meeting your goals, I am sure you are focused, I pray that you, unlike me, have not failed. I feel ill from this long pause. I am unworthy of your eyes, my little ones, and I sit with my disappointment, and just stare. Simply be, and embrace my utter embarrassment that consumes me. I can't not speak hypocrisies, and there for must not speak, until now. My time is precious. And I, my dears, am not one to waste. And you and you and you, whom gaze upon my inspirations, know how wonderful you are. My lambs, my loves, my children. This is a rebirth, with new lines drawn, or for that matter, erased. I've missed every letter, every picture, everyone of you individually. I promise to never become stranded again, for I have seen the beacon of light shining brighter then ever, and like a prodigal son, I am here, once again.

How truly blessed that you were chosen to receive this message. All the love and warmth I have, I give for you my darling children.

The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.
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