My dearest lambs,
It is I your fearless leader, writing from a dark closet, deep within our compound. I hope all of my children had a wonderful Holiday, full of fondness and light, always, and constantly thinking about your leader. My foundlings, I have miss you greatly, and am more motivated then ever to become a more cohesive collective cooperative community service operation outreach program project. Two thousand ten is our year, our time to learn, as well as teach. It is your job, my attentive little ones, to talk and encourage others to follow. Teach them the ways of loveliness that we inspire you with, my lambs. Tell them you know of a better world, a world of fondness and love. Reach out to those who don't know, the kind a gentle hand of your beautiful leaders. Those around you may not understand the infinite wisdom of your message, but they are not lucky enough to be as enlightened as you are. Your response should encourage them to seek the loving and loveliness that only comes from being taught by us. Refer them here, guide them through, lead them to us.
My precious darlings, you are the future of this dynamic culture we are creating. Listen to us. Learn from us. Seek the loveliness that we bring forth. Reflect it in your everyday dress. How truly blessed, that you were chosen to see receive this message. All the love and warmth I have, I give, for you my darling children.

The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.
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